Maple Avenue
United Methodist Church
Marietta, Georgia
A Place to Serve!
Meet Our Pastor
Reverend Jim Moore, Senior Pastor

As Pastor here for six years now, I have learned that one unique thing about Maple Avenue UMC is the large number of ways we are in missions and ministry as a smaller church.  As one member said, "I could be a name on the role of a 2,000 member church, or I can have an immediate impact in changing someone’s life for the better by plugging into one of the many and unique missions\ministries here." (Full Bio)

We welcome all to our 11:00 am services on Sunday mornings. 
There are also Sunday School programs at 9:45 am.

   Join Our Missions

Boy Scouts
Troop 204

We welcome you to join Troop 204 on Tuesday nights in the Garden and Youth room at 7:15pm

Boy Scouts is a great way for your young man to build respect and character through fun weekly activities, camp outs, and special trips. Along side of learning how to tie knots and survive in the woods, we teach boys life skills they will grow up and teach their own kids.

ScoutMastor Ted Vinson